Installation and configuration services

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In my Codecanyon portfolio you can see all my available applications for iOS and Android: My portfolio

Installing and configuring server side (setting up Stripe is not included, because this requires your confidential data)

Android app configuring (publishing an Android application is not included)

iOS app configuring is not included in this service

Replacement logo, icon and color scheme for Android app (if you have logo, application icon and colors)

Price: $45

100% payment before starting work on Skrill (PayPal not work in my country). We can also discuss other payment options, for example: by Visa, Mastercard or Western Union (write to my Email:

You must have hosting (php 7.x or 8.x, mysql, Apache, mod_rewrite module) with a connected domain. And also ssl for your domain (many functions won't work without ssl, like Google Login)

    You will need to provide this data to me for authorization and configuration:
  • 1) Pay for my work through Skrill ($45). My Skrill:
  • 2) You need to provide me with data (password and login) from your cPanel and link to cPanel
  • 3) You need to create a project in Firebase console:
  • 4) Make steps (6,7,8,9) from this:
  • 5) Then in your Firebase project settings give me access to the project (see screenshot "firebase_access.png")
  • 6) Add your app to Admob:

    Then copy and give me your app id in Admob (see screenshot "admob_app_id.png")
  • 7) Provide me with app icons and a logo as well as a name. You can also specify the desired package name if you care - otherwise it will use the domain name and the "android" prefix, for example:
  • 8) If you want to use Facebook Login then give me access to your facebook account or create an Facebook application by yourself and give me App Id and Access Token. I recommend not using Facebook Login - this feature will be removed from my project.

I think you understand that some of my products have these functions and some do not. For example, some products only have a Google login and others have a Facebook login and Google login, some products have a website and an application and others only have an application.

I do not publish applications - it can take a long time for moderation, etc.

Thank you for understanding.


Additional work

If you need additional functions for my products or need to develop a new product personally for you - write to me (my contact details are below).



Write me an email:

Also you can contact me using my contact form on codecanyon: